Sermons in Stones

Sermons in Stones is a collection of eighteen short stories and personal anecdotes I have put together on my life spending time in a remote and incredibly inspiring river canyon deep in the mountains of Colorado. Friends, family, fly fishing – you’ll find them all in this book, and maybe even more, from this “mountain wilderness carved by a river”.

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There are ghosts in the mountains, and whispers in the wind. Voices from the river are an invitation to journey through woods and canyons etched by time, to connect to purpose and truth and meaning. Click “Play”

Join me for wilderness adventures with the stories in Sermons in Stones. Available now!

Sermons in Stones is a collection of eighteen beautifully-crafted short stories, anecdotes, and personal narratives offering thoughtful and profound reflection on the author’s life experiences in a “mountain wilderness carved by a river”.

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Mesmerizing and captivating
“Dave Ammons lyrical description is life on the bend in his childhood river is memorizing and captivating, luring you into his own experiences and the lessons they’ve provided to him. I am not a fisherman. Aside from a few afternoons with my grandfather as a child, it just wasn’t something I had the chance to do. But I love nature and being outdoors. Sermons in Stones is more than a view into Ammons’s world, he draws you in like you are lying on the top of that boulder peering over the edge right next to him. It’s the perfect book for a short mental vacation away from traffic, finding a parking spot, or any thing else that just seems so important yet really doesn’t matter.”
– P. Bartolini

Like a quick mountain vacation
“This was a super relaxing read. Descriptive mountain imagery mixed in with some fish tales, ghost stories and a few inspirational thoughts thrown in for good measure. Very meditative and entertaining at the same time. I really enjoyed reading this outside with a cold one!”
– Mark L.

Reflective and Inspiring – A MUST READ
“Sometimes we have to get lost to find ourselves. In today’s hustle and bustle we all find ourselves yearning for peace. These stories capture the authors escape into the mountains. They serve as poetic reminders of the healing and transformative power of nature. If you dream of casting off the shackles of work, reconnecting with nature, and finding your true purpose – then this book will gently inspire you. If nothing else it will momentarily transport you to those beautifully described places as you turn the pages on this great read.”
– Larry C.